The Doctory Network

Merging innovative technology with reliable, verified life science data, we deliver Healthcare Practitioner lists of unmatched precision. 

Make informed decisions and foster genuine professional connections with our groundbreaking machine learning insights.

Our Approach

We blend meticulous data maintenance with cutting-edge technology.

Our healthcare professional (HCP) identities are diligently refreshed bi-weekly.

This commitment to accuracy is enriched with comprehensive data sources, from census to economic indicators and pivotal medical metrics.

Through this integration, our algorithms craft a detailed portrait of the healthcare scene, forecasting the nuanced dynamics of HCP interactions.

Optimism drives our pursuit of precision, ensuring a reliable foundation for our users’ endeavors.

Our platform provides distinct contract options tailored to diverse needs. For those with occasional requirements, a one-time service is available.

Those who seek flexibility with consistent usage can opt for a pay-per-use system, ensuring they only pay for what they consume.

And for clients who require continuous access, we offer a subscription model, granting ongoing services often at a more economical rate.

Our contact data, backed by rigorous verification through third-party channels, prioritizes data protection standards, making it accessible only to selected partners and clients.

Every detail is designed to optimize value, trust, and convenience for our users.

The Selection Bias problem

Selection bias, stemming from outdated lists, significantly skews research outcomes.

When we rely on obsolete data, we inadvertently exclude newer, relevant entities or include those no longer pertinent. This limited and inaccurate representation fails to capture the current landscape, rendering any derived insights unreliable.

Essentially, you are analyzing a past reality rather than the present, leading to decisions grounded in misinformation. In professional settings, where precision is paramount, such errors can have cascading effects on strategy, operations, and predictions.

It’s imperative to ensure the data’s contemporaneity to truly grasp and act upon the genuine trends and patterns.

Our Solution

The world of medicine thrives on niche expertise. However, dated lists can result in imprecise matches, leading to challenges in collaboration. Doctory pivots from this paradigm, valuing each HCP’s unique specialization.
In our realm, diversity isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a commitment.

The Services

Leverage our AI-driven technology to pinpoint precise results, such as identifying specific medical experts in niche regions.

Utilize our multidimensional data tools to gain actionable insights for marketing campaigns, monitoring healthcare trends, or envisioning new ventures.

Access a comprehensive repository of over six million contacts, including emails and social handles, while ensuring data protection with GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

Whether you’re in the USA or reaching out globally, our solutions empower you to confidently navigate the healthcare landscape.

Seamless integration and data retrieval with our robust RESTful API, ensuring easy access and compatibility with diverse platforms.

Stay ahead with our frequent data refreshes, ensuring you’re always equipped with the most current and relevant information.

Trust in the accuracy of our database with rigorously independently checked and verified contact addresses, minimizing bounce-backs and ensuring effective communication.

Enjoy sustained value from your investment, with continuous upkeep and timely enhancements of the identities procured for an entire year.


Que Cosmo

QueCosmo is your toolkit for deep insights. Ideal for marketing campaigns, monitoring healthcare shifts, or crafting startups, its advanced data tools simplify the complexities of healthcare, providing clarity and direction.

Fast Golem

Fast Golem, our AI marvel, excels in precision. Submit a query, such as "Sickle Cell experts in rural areas", and it dives into its vast database, surfacing the most relevant identities in line with your needs, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy.

All Access

All Access offers an unparalleled contact repertoire. Housing over six million diverse contacts, it is a comprehensive directory. Upholding strict GDPR and HIPAA standards, we ensure seamless access to healthcare contacts, both domestic and global.

Tailored for one-time or sporadic needs, clients can opt for services as and when required without any commitment.

This is the most expensive way of accessing Doctory’s data, but requires the least amount of committment.

  • Clean Contacts: $20 per unit. 
  • Complex Contacts: $40 per unit.
  • Digital Contacts: UNAVAILABLE

Offers flexibility where clients can continuously use services and are billed based on actual usage.

This is the middle price option, with the downside that all units bought must be paid for immediately.

  • Clean Identities: $10 per unit. 
  • Complex Identities: $20 per unit.
  • Contact Identities: $2 per unit.

Designed for consistent users, it provides ongoing access to services, typically at a subsequent discounted rate due to volume or duration of commitment. It includes bi-weekly updates and maintenance of the purchased identities.

This is the cheapest option, and it allows extreme flexibility: You buy tokens to be used throughout the year, pay monthly.

  • Clean Contacts: 1 token.
  • Complex Contexts: 1 token.
  • Digital Contact: 1 token.
  • Monthly Update: 0.5 token per contact.

The Data

Clean Contacts furnishes a meticulously normalized, cleaned, and verified database derived from federal sources. Comprising more than a billion data points, it captures a holistic view of all individuals and organizations operating within the life science industry in America, not just limited to doctors. This comprehensive directory facilitates streamlined data retrieval and exportation, further complemented by an integrated REST API for advanced users.

Complex Contacts, anchored in insights from Fast Golem, offers a detailed perspective on the healthcare sector, covering therapeutic trends, technological advancements, research trajectories, and HCP audience demographics, all refined with AI-driven clarity.

Digital Contacts delivers a curated set of HCP contact details, including emails, phone numbers, and physical addresses, sourced either from Fast Golem or All Access subscriptions, ensuring direct and efficient engagement with crucial healthcare professionals and organizations.

The Database

Our database, a blend of gremlin graph and PostgreSQL, is designed with diligence using Java, Python, and C#. Operating seamlessly across a hybrid on-prem-cloud setup and hosted on Azure, it prioritizes consistency and adaptability.

With autonomous ETL dataflows complemented by Spark ML models, we carefully process a vast volume of data—twenty million datapoints daily across one thousand three hundred tables and over one billion vertices.

While the technical specifics are robust, our true aspiration is to serve the ever-evolving needs of our clients, ensuring they have access to reliable, up-to-date insights, while respecting the balance between innovation and grounded functionality.

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The team

Our team brings together a unique blend of expertise spanning recruiting, consulting, AI, and life sciences. Drawing from diverse backgrounds in top-tier corporations, hands-on consulting, and groundbreaking technological innovations, we are uniquely positioned to address pressing industry challenges.

With vast experience in qualitative research, cutting-edge AI applications, and a keen understanding of healthcare dynamics, our collective strength amplifies our mission.

This synergy ensures we remain forward-thinking, optimistic, and dedicated to delivering excellence in every endeavor.

Alex, Recruitment

With a seasoned history in recruiting across healthcare, technology, and executive terrains, Alex has lent his expertise to top-tier corporations as both consultant and internal team member. His vision to address persistent challenges in the recruitment domain laid the foundation for Doctory.

John, AI & Product

John, a seasoned software and machine learning engineer, has a knack for transforming concepts into market-ready products. Their expertise has been pivotal for our team, bridging innovative ideas with practical application. With a commitment to honest innovation and a forward-looking perspective, John consistently ensures we remain ahead in our domain.

Julia, Consulting

Having navigated the consulting world, Julia recognized the need for smoother operational flows. Her illustrious background in qualitative research, B2B surveys, and an impressive portfolio of over a thousand projects amplifies Doctory’s strategic edge in information acquisition and management.

William,  Infrastructure

A trailblazer in the AI realm, William’s innovations have catered to diverse industries from defence to banking and healthcare. After revolutionizing the world’s most expansive healthcare expert network with AI-driven tools, they are now channelling decades of expertise to address gaps in medical expert recruitment at Doctory.

Zachary, AI & Data

A stalwart in bridging AI academia with real-world application, Dr. Baum’s contributions have been pivotal in refining life sciences. His prowess in medical imaging and designing ground breaking algorithms, coupled with his deep insights into expert networks, propels Doctory’s mission forward.

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